It’s “Plane” enough…

Quote:  “You can’t buy HAPPINESS, but you can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing”

Yes sure, indeed.  I have bought so many plane tickets in my life. Travelling is my passion.  But this ticket is very special.  A one-way ticket to a new life, new adventure, and one that will bind all of us again as a family.

But before the anticipation and excitement, there are a lot of jobs to do around the house, planning, packing, selling, storing and I am not sure which is going to be the first as thinking about it overwhelms me sometimes.  Plus an active 6-year-old boy for me to teach, feed, care, and entertain.  Perhaps my husband believes in my abilities to juggle everything and yes I am still working full-time.  Soon it will be over, though.  I have handed my resignation.  I am quite relieved actually now that it happened than what I thought it would be.

I am looking forward to a new ME.

For sure, the life I will have will be very far different from what I used to. But hey, I am really anticipating to be pampered a little more than usual. To have more ME time and my main focus now is just one thing FAMILY.

To sum, it up…

Originally published on 31/05/15 9.22pm evewanderer.

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