Culture shock or what?

Embarking to a new culture is not something to say easy but accepting it helps.  Some people tend to ignore it and just do as they please without thinking of the consequences and I have to say I am surprised to see some Women dressed inappropriately (not the locals of course) especially in the Holy month of Ramadan where notices saying no sleeveless, short shorts or skimpy clothing was allowed and I wonder if those women didn’t take time to read and throw the letter of the hotels notifying them about it or just playing blind ignoring the notices in every door of every establishments or building.  I believe there is a time to flaunt and a time to pay respect especially to a country very different in culture than yours.

20151114_204200Celebrating Eid al Fitr – a celebration of breaking the fast and I have seen people giving gifts of different types of dates in colours and tastes. They tend to wear nicer or new clothes and giving donations in terms of clothing or toys that you can see anywhere in the malls or any participating establishments.  It is actually a feast of the sights and senses. Happiness is in the air especially for children the same thing happens when it is Christmas time.  So yes there is a similarity. I am still like a tourist in this Country, enjoying every minute of it and trying to be positive in every way.  Same thing with the plant …



how can they withstand the heat of summer in a desert country?  You don’t want to be outside for long I tell you… Anyway, I remember my husband always says similar to this quote…

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”  by Zig Ziglar

Originally published on 2015


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