The Hotel: Marriott in Amman, JORDAN

Just like any Marriott hotels in another place whether it is old or new it has an air of elegance.  It is sitting on top of the hill.  Amman is full of hills to my surprise as the last time I was in a hilly City was in my hometown in NZ.

When you enter the hotel their staff do the usual greetings and leading you to their own X-ray machine just like in the airport.  I do not mind as it is for added safety of the guest.  Although I can say that the City of Amman is a safe place to tour around as well as the people are very approachable and they try their best to help and they speak English (some of them).

Now the room… as we travel with family on business so we always choose an Executive room with an access to the Lounge.  Some of you will know that having an access to the “Club” or Lounge can save you money as the breakfast, snacks, cocktails were included and it is all day long up to a certain time at night that the foods are available to you. Unfortunately this time my son is not allowed in the Lounge (except one time for breakfast when we arrived that they gave us an exception as we are the only one in the room).  It is not showing on their website and the reception didn’t tell us either. We have stayed in Marriott in other Countries and there was no problem admitting my son in the Lounge except for cocktails of course which are understandable.  So please be aware now though for breakfast we can eat at their restaurants downstairs in buffet style which was better than the Lounge for the ambiance and food choices! For snacking – there is always a way to do this… either my husband or I took out some foods on a plate so we can all enjoy including my son.  Good thing nobody was in the elevator when we raid the lounge haha! … there you go!

The room has a very narrow entrance but to our surprise when we finally get in it was spacious indeed that can fit a family of four.  Just ask for a roll away bed which we did.  Furniture’s was a bit dated or traditional but acceptable and well-maintained.  The bathroom is small, but it will do.

Lounge – disappointed as there are not a lot of food choices though I like their coffee very much!

View from the room overlooking the newest building (heard it was Rotana) as you can see it is different from the rest and towering the older and usual type of building blocks in the vicinity. There is a pool outside (Marriott) also an indoor pool, but we don’t have the time to try it.

I can recommend this hotel as there are some restaurants inside both American bar and Italian restaurants just across each other and another one I forgot the name, sorry. Their staffs make’s the difference too as the usual Marriott standard of good service. I hope this review can help you when you go and visit Jordan.  We were fortunate when we arrived as it was a beautiful weather not too hot and not too cold.  In the morning, it was 20-degree celsius and in the afternoon it can get to 27 degrees when we went to Dead Sea.  This week Amman was in an unfortunate situation there is flooding everywhere (perhaps been affected with the terrible hurricane in Yemen, a rare one! this is only my view) and we feel sorry to see it on the news!  I hope they will be back to normal soon.  Lots of tourists when we were there a week ago.  Will post some touristy spots in another time.

Thanks for your time reading this.

Originally published under evewanderer11 November 11, 2015


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